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Rhino Wood

Future-conscious real wood

WWF Climate

The WWF recognised Rhino Wood for their work against deforestation and the reduction of carbon emmisions in our world

Latest projects

Rhino Wood cladding on the
Motlatsana Mall in Klerksdorp

Tests &

Rhino Wood has been extensively tested both locally and abroad

Vumbura Plains

Rhino Wood walk way at Vumbura Plains, Okavango Delta

What is Rhino Wood?

    Patented Process Flow

  • Sustainably sourced South African pine

  • Thermal heat treatment

  • Pressure impregnation

  • Rhino Wood

Top Benefits

  • Sustainability
    Rhino Wood is produced from the finest forests in South Africa. Only plantation trees that have been grown and harvested responsibly are selected.

  • Strength
    Rhino Wood competes with most tropical hardwoods on important characteristics such as strength, surface hardness and density.

  • Zero Toxicity
    Rhino Wood is treated with all natural substances. No toxic substances are introduced, making it completely people and pet friendly.

  • Durable
    Rhino Wood has a significantly reduced water absorption rate, resulting in a dimensionally stable product that is resistant to organisms that lead to fungal rot and decay.