Rhino Wood's modification process increases the strength of pine timber by up to 60%, increasing its load bearing capacity without compromising wood inherent elasticity


No metals, foreign oils, biocides or other toxic substances are introduced, making it completely people and pet friendly.


The treatment process doubles the density of the wood. An increased hardness means less dents, scratches, and surface damage.

      Reduced Wood Borer and Termite Damage

Wood borer and termites do not recognise Rhino Wood as a food source.

   Dimensionally Stable

The dimensional stability of wood is the measure of the extent of swelling resulting from moisture pick-up. Rhino Wood has nominal dimension change, meaning the wood is less susceptible to the effects of water, specifically swelling and shrinking.

    Low Maintenance

Due to Rhino Wood being treated to the core and its dimensional stability, it does not need to be treated in its lifespan. The only time one would treat Rhino Wood is to maintain the dark colour.


Rhino Wood has greater resistance to UV degradation, which can cause discoloration and the premature aging of your wood. Rhino Wood is ideal for outdoor applications. Rhino Wood has been awarded a class 1 durability rating.

     Environmentally Friendly

Rhino Wood is the environmentally responsible choice as our wood is sourced from sustainable forests. The treatment process uses zero toxins, creates no disposable waste, and aids in the protection of our rain forests.

    Reduced Fungal and Dry Rot

The voids in Rhino Wood are filled with an aqua-phobic substance that reduces moisture absorption and hence slows the rate of decay and fungal growth. This increases Rhino Wood's life cycle.


Rhino Wood does not require special methods of disposal after use. One can dispose of it like any natural untreated wood.