It’s not inside… It’s on top!

Rooftop decks are ticking the trendy box when it comes to outdoor luxury urban living. And every homeowner wants one because it’s the solution-with-a-view as densities in urban areas increase and garden sizes decrease..


But, it’s not just residential rooftop decks that are growing in popularity; corporates are embracing the rooftop deck as part of healthier routines and lifestyles they tout to attract young professionals who value the outdoor space, to work, lounge and socialise in.


But outdoor decking materials should balance aesthetics and the cool factor with sustainability and longevity. And that’s where Rhino Wood ticks the box. This proudly South African product is seriously low maintenance and does not have to be stained regularly as it weathers beautifully into varying shades of grey. It’s sustainably sourced from South African plantations and modified, using a patented South African process, to achieve similar and at times even enhanced characteristics of the most durable and rarest hardwoods.  It also doesn’t hurt to know that Rhino Wood doesn’t splinter, is water-resistant, durable, non-toxic, free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a worthwhile long-term investment.


It's important for us to know where the timber we use comes from so that we can be part of the wave to reduce the environmental impact of construction in our community.


So here’s our tip…. next time you're in the market for that rooftop deck, make the sustainable choice with Rhino Wood.