Rhino Wood is modified on site at our facility. The two stage process of heat treatment and pressure impregnation insures the timber is treated to the core meaning you will never expose untreated timber through cross cutting, drilling or finishing.

Untreated - natural greying

If left untreated (recommended) the timber will lighten in colour and eventually form a long lasting grey patina. This colour change is due to impregnated compound forming a protective layer on the surface of the timber and it is not a factor of the timber itself discolouring. Should you wish to restore Rhino Wood to its original colour a simple application of a high pressure hose to the timber will restore the Rhino Wood original colour . Make sure to keep the nozzle head of the high pressure hose roughly 15cm from the Rhino Wood and apply sweeping actions over the timber. You will notice the integrity of the surface of Rhino Wood is completely in tact. Please see a demonstration video of this process below.

Treated - maintaining original colour

Should you wish to maintain the original colour of Rhino Wood apply a penetrating oil on installation of the timber. The frequency of applying the oil will depend on exposure and UV conditions. In general it is recommended to oil Rhino Wood every 6 - 9 months in order to maintain the desired aesthetic. If need be after a couple of years the oil can also be removed with a high pressure hose and re-applied if desired.