Wilderness Safari’s – Vumbura Plains Lodge, Okavango Delta, Botswana.



Introduction to Wilderness Safari

Wilderness Safari’s is one of Africa’s foremost ecotourism operators with access to nearly three million acres of the continent's finest wilderness and wildlife. As a conservation organization, Wilderness places particular attention to the impact of their camps on the surrounding environment. Where possible materials that are sensitive to the environment for future generations.


Project Requirement

Wilderness Safari’s required a replacement walkway in the existing Vumbura Plains camp in the Okavango Delta, the walkway connects the entire lodge to the rooms. The walkway is raised for the guest’s safety and to have less impact on riparian environment. The timber requirement was very specific as it needed to be durable, stable, little to low maintenance and easy to install. A sandblasted finish to fit in with existing lodge design was also required.



Rhino Wood was able to deliver on all the project requirements. The timber was cut to size and was consistent in quality. This resulted in very little wastage during the installation process.



A large reduction in noise was noticed by lodge staff, this is due to Rhino Wood having exceptional dimensional stability plus a very flush finish. Wilderness Safari’s were happy with the consistency of the product and how it has blended in to the existing lodge design.