WWF Rooftop Garden Deck, Braamfontein, SA.



Introduction to the project

The WWF Recently opened its new headquarters in Braamfontien Johannesburg. Braamfontien represents the rejuvenation of the inner city and the task of renovating an existing 248m2 building into a green beacon was their goal.


Project Requirement

The project promises to be a physical representation of WWF’s mandate to protect the natural environment and to promote lasting sustainability. “We’ve set our sights on meeting the stringent criteria for a 6-star rating from the National Green Building Council - this would be the first refurbishment in South Africa to receive this rating”, Stephen Wetmore of WWF explains.



Rhino Wood was the natural choice for the Roof top garden deck not only because of its durability and stability but because Rhino Wood shares the same ethos as the WWF when it comes to sustainability.



The 80m2 roof top deck is the perfect softener in the urban landscape and so happy was the WWF that a further pergola, wall cladding and tables were required.

Rhino Wood are very proud to be associated with WWF on this project and the resulting green escape in the middle of the urban landscape will be enjoyed by all who visit long into the future.